SEO SEM Training

We will teach you real SEO all the secrets and methods to get any site on page 1 of Google and other search engines!
2-month course 1 to 1 training no videos no pdf's real training directly over skype and phone no email training involved we need to train you to be the best and yes the price is high but the power we give you will make you 1 of the best in the world.


What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation
What is SEM? Search Engine Marketing 

SEO Google & Ads
SEO Youtube & Ads
SEO Social Media Facebook Twitter & Ads
SEO Forums
Website Traffic
Web Site Editing & Optimisation 

Competitive Business Environment 
Take over of an industry or niche 
How to kill your competition 
Increasing CTR & Conversations 
Worldwide SEO Methods
Local SEO Methods
How to avoid being blacklisted 
Legal SEO methods
Understanding your competition
How to spy on your competition 

All the tricks and methods no one will ever tell you when it comes to online business.
This training package is very powerful and will be the best decision you ever made because your learning from the best in the world. Do not take our word for it ask for proof before buying our special training course.

You will receive training by Shafaet Brady Hussain UK native SEO expert of 15 years. 
Say good bye to hiring SEO experts and marketing experts.

If you would like us to train your staff please open a support ticket with your staff contact details. We will only train 1 person and of course that 1 person can train the rest of your staff, it is not like we can enforce you to not train others after receiving training.

If you require face to face training you would need to go to Nottingham - United Kingdom and be trained in 1 of our offices. If you would like Brady to come to you, then you would need to pay any flight or visa costs and hotel costs. Face to Face training can be done within 7 days. 

SEO SEM Training over skype or phone though we prefer skype, would be a total of 33 hours though it may take up to 66 hours at the maximum depending on the learner's level of knowledge as we must train all customers to be effective in SEO SEM and all points listed above. You will be required to use TeamViewer as part of the course or at the minimum skype for screen sharing. We advise you to take notes while we are training you or your staff though we will provide a separate document to help you stay organised that is not available on our site.

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